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Optimizing a Quadrupole Magnet

In this example the Optimizer is used with Opera-3d to optimize the performance of a quadrupole magnet used in charged particle beam lines. Auto-optimisation tools are not new, but they usually require manual intervention if a globally-optimal solution is to be found. And simulation times often make such a process impractical. A new tool – […]

Electromagnetic Simulator Cuts Time to Market for Pioneering Magnetic Drive Technologies

Advanced modelling capabilities in the Opera electromagnetic simulator are helping Magnomatics to bring ground-breaking magnetic power transmission innovations to market. A recent spin-out from the University of Sheffield, Magnomatics is currently working with numerous organisations on magnetic gearing and power transmission applications. Among the advantages of its magnetic linkage technology are long maintenance-free lifecycles, very […]

Electromagnetic modeling package speeds design of active electron optic X-ray tubes for Philips Medical Systems

The three-dimensional version of Vector Fields’ specialized electromagnetic modeling algorithm for charged particle beams is playing a key role in the development cycle of Philips Medical Systems’ first commercial X-ray imaging systems with ‘active optics’. Active beam technology supports dynamic focusing and positioning of the electron beam during investigation procedures, greatly improving the resolution and […]

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