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Advanced electromagnetic design tools accelerate production of superconducting magnet systems

Mosaic’ finite element meshing and auto-optimiser will shave weeks from development. Advanced electromagnetic simulation software is helping one of the world’s leading producers of cryogenic equipment to speed the development of application-specific superconducting magnets for research. The software – the Opera 3D simulator – has been provided by Cobham Technical Services to Cryogenic Ltd. The […]

Electromagnetic simulator accelerates the design optimisation of custom transformers

Optimising construction geometries reduces eddy current losses by 30%. Electromagnetic simulation software is a key tool in the design optimisation of power transformers for Kolektor Etra, the Slovenia based electrical equipment manufacturer. The Opera-3D software package is being used for a diverse range of design related tasks, from the detailed characterisation of design aspects such […]

Electromagnetic simulation software advances deliver more speed and precision to minimize design timescales and costs

Applications include design of motors, actuators, magnets, particle beam systems. A major new release of the well-known Opera electromagnetic design software greatly improves the speed and accuracy of simulation by extending the flexibility of finite element analysis meshing. The software also includes numerous further enhancements, including an integrated graphical circuit editor for defining associated electrical […]

Drill spindle maker’s quest for speed is boosted by multi-physics motor design tool

The Opera motor design software package is helping Air Bearings of Poole to extend the speed of spindle motors beyond 400,000 RPM. The package’s integrated electromagnetic and thermal simulators are being used to identify optimisations that will make the motors more compact and efficient, to improve rotational speeds beyond their current maximum. Owned by Hitachi, […]

Superconducting wire and CAD tool vendors combine forces to simplify electrical machine design

The superconducting wire producer Sumitomo Electric, and the electromagnetic simulation expert Cobham Technical Services, have joined forces to offer an advanced solution for the design of electrical machines and power equipment.

3D support optimises power of innovative motor and generator electromagnetic design tool

Cobham Technical Services is launching a 3D version of its rapid electromagnetic design tool for rotating electrical machines – the Advanced Machines Environment. The new software combines the extreme accuracy of finite-element analysis (FEA) simulation with a design entry system that creates full 3D models of electric motors or generators within minutes.

Introduction to ME2D – Induction Machine Finite Element Model Construction & Analysis

Introductory video showing the use of the two dimensional machines environment (ME2D) with Opera-2d in building, simulating and post-processing a parametric model of an induction machine. The environments provide ready-made generic designs, together with application-specific data entry and advanced optimization techniques, all expressed in the language of the application. The environments provide a strategic framework […]

Innovative electromagnetic design tool for motors and generators is extended with new ready-to-use models and hysteresis solver

Provides ultra-fast design entry for powerful FEA electromagnetic simulation At CWIEME, Cobham Technical Services is releasing a new version of its Vector Fields Software tool for designing rotating electrical machinery. The electromagnetic simulation software combines the accuracy of virtual prototyping using finite-element analysis with a rapid front-end design tool that allows users to create models […]

New modelling tool simplifies development of next-generation automotive power steering

A new magnetic hysteresis solver for electric motor and electromagnetic design has been released by Vector Fields, a business unit of Cobham plc. The tool’s ability to accurately characterise hysteresis effects provides a powerful means to optimise the performance and fidelity of new-generation electrically-assisted automotive power steering systems, and other high-performance actuators.

Electromagnetic simulation advance helps electrical machinery designers to achieve ultimate efficiency

Vector Fields, a part of Cobham plc, has extended the accuracy of its Opera electromagnetic simulator for electrical machinery applications with a new finite-element hysteresis solver for soft magnetic materials. Believed to be unique, the new Hysteresis Solver provides designers of motors, generators and other electrical machinery with an accurate means of accounting for losses […]

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