Introduction to Magnets Analysis in Opera



2 Days



Opera-3d is a world leading software system for electromagnetics, thermal and stress simulations. This two day course covers Opera’s capabilities for designing and simulating magnet technology applications, typically for MRI and NMR magnet systems, particle accelerator magnets, electron beam lithography and microscopy, spectroscopy, ion implanters and others. Good familiarity with the Opera software is a prerequisite for this course.

The course includes:

  • Overview of magnet technology systems and applications
  • Coil modelling including complex coil structures and external circuits
  • Permanent magnets including modelling magnetization and demagnetization
  • Modelling and meshing: solution accuracy, using total and reduced potentials effectively, skin effect modelling
  • Fields and harmonics: characterising field distributions, analytic series expansions of fields, Fourier and Legendre series
  • Inductance calculations, stored energy and EMF calculations
  • Modelling Eddy currents
  • Power dissipation and thermal analysis
  • Calculating forces on coils, coupling electromagnetic and stress analysis
  • Shielding AC and DC fields
  • Superconducting systems including diamagnetic effects
  • Superconducting quench modelling using Opera-3d QUENCH
  • Accelerator Magnet Systems: multiple magnets array, particle trajectories

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