Modelling of Electrical Machines with Opera



2 Days



Opera is a world leading software system for electromagnetics, thermal and stress simulations. This two day course covers Opera’s capabilities for two and three dimensional modelling of electrical machines. The course includes lectures and practical sessions. It also provides an opportunity to discuss your own models. Good familiarity with Opera-2d and Opera-3d, as well as Opera scripting language is recommended before taking this course.

The course includes:

  • Introduction to Electrical Machines design and simulation
  • Modelling a machine in two dimensions: pre– and post processing
  • Modelling a machine in three dimensions: pre– and post processing
  • Performance characterization of electrical machines
  • Modelling automation: use of command language
  • Circuits, equivalent circuits, hysteresis and other complexities
  • Transient electromagnetic analysis with motion
  • Worked examples include: synchronous machine under load, characterization of induction motors and setup of brushless DC motors

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