Electromagnetic Signatures



5 Days



Opera-3d is a world leading software system for electromagnetics, thermal and stress simulations. This five day course covers in details many aspects of modelling electromagnetic signatures, cathodic protection systems and solving inverse electromagnetic sensing problems. Using Opera, this course includes lectures and hands-on sessions. It also provides an opportunity to discuss your own models. We recommend completing the introduction to Opera-3d before taking this course.

This course includes:

  • Design and optimization of coil systems for generation of homogenous magnetic fields
  • Modelling considerations for ship / submarine magnetic signatures
  • Modelling of induced magnetic signatures due to ambient fields
  • Modelling of ship rolling in Earth’s magnetic field (Eddy current signatures)
  • Modelling hysteretic materials and de-perming
  • Modelling cathodic protection systems (sacrificial anode and impressed current)
  • Minimizing magnetic signatures using the Opera Optimizer
  • Solving inverse electromagnetic sensing problems

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