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A Pulsed Magnet System for a Field-Reversed Configuration Experiment

Authors: Dennis W. Lieurance, David D. Madura, and Gregory L. Snitchler, Member, IEEE Abstract: From a magnet engineering perspective, the field-reversed configuration (FRC) fusion concept is commercially attractive due to its cylindrical configuration. Essentially, all large coils are solenoidal, which enables efficient structural support and relative ease of manufacturing, thereby enhancing commercial viability. A design [...] Posted in Confinement Coils,Gradient Coils,Magnets,Magnets Paper

Magnetic Signature Identification using Pareto optimization

Christopher Riley, Engineering Manager, Opera Software Abstract Determining the topology of a naval vessel from its measured magnetic signature is a classic inverse problem – what is the source of the observed response? This paper explores an alternative to classical inverse methods with a technique that is used in design optimization. Pareto optimization is commonly [...] Posted in General,Magnets,Magnets Paper

Measurement, Simulation and Calculation Using Fourier Transformation of Iron Losses for Electrical Steel Sheets with Higher Frequency and Temperature Effects

Authors: N. Yogal, C. Lehrmann, M. Henke and H. Zheng Abstract: The losses present in electrical machines are of major concern in modern industrial applications, very high speed drives, aerospace applications and the automotive industry. This paper presents the magnetic characterization of non-oriented steel sheets used for manufacturing permanent magnet synchronous machines and synchronous reluctance machines when these […]

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Topology comparison of ferrite magnet synchronous machines with consideration of low inertia

Authors: Christian Heister and Markus Henke Abstract: In order to replace rare-earth magnets five different machine topologies are considered, designed and studied in detail. With a synchronous reluctance machine (SRM) a machine without magnets is included in this comparison. The improvement by the insertion of cheap ferrite magnets in a SRM is studied by designing […]

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Optimization in Tri-Axial Degaussing System Design

Authors: Vishal Modagekar, Department of Electrical Engineering Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute Matunga, Mumbai 400019, Abdul Karim Shaikh and Navdeep Singh Abstract: Contemporary ships, made of ferromagnetic materials, under the influence of Earth’s magnetic field produce an underwater magnetic anomaly. This anomaly, often called the magnetic signature, compromises the stealth and safety of the ship and needs to be minimized. […]

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Superconductivity for accelerators for medical applications

CIEMAT, in collaboration with HEPTech, EUCARD2, CDTI, GSI and EEN recently held a workshop on “Superconductivity for accelerators for medical applications”. In our everyday environment, compact superconducting accelerators produce short-life radionucleides to make diagnoses and proton and ion beams to treat tumours by hadrontherapy. Superconductivity has become a key technology of particle accelerators, helping their […]

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Focussing Magnets for Drift Tube Linac

Authors: Vikas Teotia , Sanjay Malhotra , Kumud Singh , U.Mahapatra , S.Bhattacharya , G.P.Srivastava2 Shweta Roy , Piyush Jain , P. Singh and S. Kailas Abstract: A linear accelerator comprising of Radio frequency quadrupole (RFQ) and drift tube linac (DTL) is being developed at BARC. The Alvarez type CW DTL accelerates protons from energy […]

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Electromagnetic design and development of a combined function horizontal and vertical dipole steerer magnet for medium energy beam transport line

Authors: Singh, Kumud (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai (India)); Itteera, Janvin (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai (India)); Ukarde, Priti (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai (India)); Teotia, Vikas(Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai (India)); Kumar, Prashant (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai (India)); Malhotra, Sanjay (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai (India)); Taly, Y.K. (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai […]

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Design and development of permanent magnet based focusing lens for J-band klystron

Authors: Kumud Singh, Janvin Itteera and Priti Ukarde, all at Control Instrumentation Division, Bhabha Atomic research Centre, Mumbai, India Abstract: Applying permanent magnet technology to beam focusing in klystrons can reduce their power consumption and increase their reliability of operation. Electromagnetic design of the beam focusing elements, for high frequency travelling wave tubes, is very critical. The […]

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