3D computer field model of power transformer-magnetic field and power losses computation

Wiak, S.
Inst. of Mechatron. & Inf. Syst., Tech. Univ. of Lodz, Lodz, Poland
Drzymala, P. ; Welfle, H.

The paper presents the computer (discrete) model of the tank structure of the high power transformer. This transformer model is created as 3D geometry of the core, windings and tank as well. Obtained results of electromagnetic fields distributions and losses in the tank by means of computations with assumptions made for simplified designs, especially geometry, are not satisfactory even for rough estimation. The paper presents the methodology of the model generation for the full geometry of the transformer. The electromagnetic field analysis leads to the identification of the points with high dense losses in the structure. The field and losses distribution computation is essential for further research leading to the design of magnetic or electromagnetic screens. In the screens designing procedure it is so important defining the screens positions on the tank, then consequently the structure, and reducing the total losses in the whole transformer structure.

The full paper is available at ieee.org (this link opens a new window).